Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Fedora 19 Beta for ARM is Available

Fedora 19 Beta for ARM is now available for download from:


This marks the last significant milestone before reaching the final release of Fedora 19 for ARM, with only critical bug fixes being added as updates to make this the most solid release to date.

This marks the first time the Fedora ARM team will be releasing the F19 Beta alongside Primary Architectures.

The Fedora 19 Beta for ARM includes two pre-built images - one for use with the Pandaboard and Pandaboard ES which require special partitioning, the second will support the Trimslice and Versatile Express(QEMU). The Beta for ARM also includes an installation tree in the yum repository which may be used to PXE-boot a kickstart-based installation on systems that support this option, such as the
Calxeda EnergyCore (HighBank).

For additional information including detailed installation instructions, please visit the Fedora 19 Beta for ARM page:

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