Saturday, 20 June 2009

What is a Terminal

The first thing you need to know in Linux is, what a "Terminal" is?
A terminal is a text entry and display device. It is a mechanism for interacting with a computer operating system or software by typing commands to perform specific tasks. It is a device in which you can enter the command as text and you get an output. The ouptput may or may not be visible.
To get a terminal in Fedora, from the Main Menu bar select "Applications>System Tools>Terminal". You will get a window in which there will be a prompt. It looks like this -> $_
There is one more prompt which looks like this -> #_
The difference is the later one is for the super user and the first one is for the normal user. Super user has got few more privileges than a normal user.
Try to enter few commands and you will learn much about it in future.
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