Friday, 3 July 2009

Pidgin/Kopete (Yahoo) problem in Fedora Linux

You might have faced problems logging into yahoo with pidgin. And pidgin throwing this error:
" Could not establish a connection with the server:Error resolving . Name or service not known"
The problem with pidgin connecting to yahoo server is that yahoo is upgrading some of its servers to match up with the new way of authentication. Upgradation of servers is not an issue at all. But the new type of authentication mechanism is making the pidgin not getting connected.

Anyway. Here is the temporary solution.
Change your Yahoo account's Pager Server field (located on the Advanced tab when editing the account) to ''.
Just press 'Ctrl+a' from the pidgin window. Then select an account and press modify. Then press the advanced tab and change the Pager Server field from to
If this url does not work then try using this one
This fix should work for the time being until yahoo makes further changes.

A better way is to update your pidgin to 2.5.8 until pidgin 2.6 arrives.

There is a same issue with KDE based kopete. Doing around with the above url should solve the problem. kopete is now coming up with an updated version.

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