Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Front Panel Mic Problem in Fedora 11

After Installing Fedora 11, I never tried my front panel microphone. But few days back when I tried to record some voice I found that it was not working. Then I tried it from the back panel, it was working and the voice was recording perfectly.

I tried to figure out what the problem is and I did some working around to fix the problem.
The solution is:

amixer -c0 sset 'Input Source' 'Front Mic'
Simple mixer control 'Input Source',0
Capabilities: cenum
Items: 'Mic' 'Front Mic' 'Line'
Item0: 'Front Mic'

This should work for everyone who is using Fedora 11.
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  1. Does not work with Fedora 11 (GNOME)

  2. It`s real work. Thank u!

  3. And it work for openSuse 11.0 too

  4. Graet! It work for opensuse 11.1! I`m very glad!

  5. Thanks! Great work! From Sardinia!

  6. thanks man.... it works for FC 11.

  7. but then i got a problem... i hear the jittery noise all the time. The noise increases when i scroll with mouse or any such activity.
    How to suppress this noise?